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that’s boiling evidence right there Mr. Lee


that’s boiling evidence right there Mr. Lee

wuyifanwho asked: Hey do u know why fuckyeahinfinite closed? :/ i haven't been on tumblr for a week and this happens :(

It’s back now! just moved to! They got an explanation on there too~

Anonymous asked: when did fuckeahinfinite close?

I only noticed yesterday morning… (I live in the US, so that would be around 8:00 on 9-26 for me) This has happened before and they’ve come back, idk maybe they’re just working on something… but I don’t know what’s going on! If anyone knows anything more that would be helpful~

INFINITE H - Special Girl (Piano)

This is All That I Can Say (Ch. 23)

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December 11th

            Hoya waits a couple seconds after his knock before he opens the door this time. When he enters, Dongwoo is still sleeping, but Mr. Jang is sitting upright and awake on the couch.

            “Good morning, Howon,” he says.

            “Good morning, Mr. Jang,” Hoya says, bowing at the waist.

            Hoya draws his stool next to Dongwoo’s bed and the two sit in silence, waiting for Dongwoo to awake.

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